It’s Been Too Long!

Part of what I've been busy doing--taking photos of flowers. Odd, I know.

My goodness…my last post on here was in MAY?!?  I’m so sorry.  I think having multiple blogs has finally gotten the better of me!  But I promise–more to come soon!

Speaking of which, I know that I posted an ‘upcoming travels’ post a couple of months ago, and since then several things have changed.  First, I solidified by beginning-of-the-fall plans.  I will be in Orlando for all of September doing research for my book, The World is Your Classroom!  I’m very excited about this trip–though my husband is less than enthusiastic about having to feed himself for the entire time!

But before that I have another trip on the horizon.  Our official Summer 2011 Trip is planned and scheduled to begin in less than three weeks!  We will be driving slowly up the coast of Maine, into New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and back down.  We’re spending about a week in each state/province, for a total of four weeks of road trip!  Stay tuned for the lessons learned on that trip!

Up next–I promise a post about my adventures at Universal Studios and a post about Island’s of Adventure’s main attraction–the Literary…I mean WIZARDING World of Harry Potter!

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