Traveling with Electronics: Necessity or Nuisance?

The desk in my London hotel room; iPhone not pictured (because it is how I took the picture!)

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks pricing and comparing dSLR cameras.  I’d really like one and feel as though I can almost justify the cost based on how much traveling I’ll be doing this coming year.

Speaking of traveling, I’ll also be doing a lot more writing this year from places other than home.  Which means I need (want?) a better computer.  I currently travel with a little Toshiba netbook I purchased for our Europe trip last summer.  Do I want to write my whole book on that piece of crap?  Not really.

So let’s say I purchase a camera (which I will do) and a macbook (which I may do.)  Problem solved, right?

Now I need a way to carry all of that crap, often on a plane.  Additionally, I get to worry about bumping, breaking, scratching, or otherwise harming said expensive equipment.  Add to that the fear of having any of it stolen and I’ve just created three new problems!

I’m not arguing that travel should be free and unfettered by technology.  I’m perfectly happy being fettered by technology.  You’d have to pry my iPhone from my cold, dead hands (that would also be clutching my passport and my Visa card, the only other two things a person needs when traveling!)  I’ve just never had big, heavy, expensive technology.  Sure, losing my iPhone would really suck.  But would it suck as much as losing a thousand dollar camera?  No.  No it would not.  If my Toshiba netbook is stolen…well…then that robber just got a really crappy netbook.  Congratulations!  Do I worry about it as much as I would a Macbook Pro?  Of course not.

So the question is–is it worth the work and worry?  What do you think?



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