Summer 2011 Trip Plan Number…?

We are now considering doing a cross-country road trip.  Will we EVER make a final decision?  Man, I hope so…

One of the great–and awful–things about blogging is that it provides a record for me to look back upon.  And looking back, I can see that exactly one year ago this coming Saturday, we purchased our flight to London for last summer.  This year–not so much.

What with airfare sky-high, teachers being laid off left and right, and my almost-single-minded book-writing focus, we just don’t know.  Of all of the trips we’re thinking about, which would be the most fiscally responsible?  Which would benefit my writing the most?  Which would be the most relaxing for my husband, who is working most of the summer this year?

Is it a Canada road trip?  A cruise–or two?  Should I still be tracking fares to Europe?  I actually re-added Barcelona to the list of possibilities.  Or what about a Mexican all-inclusive? And weren’t we looking at Iceland?  I still have that Hawaii book on my end table.

Or, worse, what if I combine any of the above?  A cruise to Bermuda AND a week in Reyjkavik.  Driving to Canada and a few days on a beach in Cancun sounds lovely.  What about a shorter road trip, and yet another visit to Vegas.

I.  Just.  Don’t.  Know.

But thinking about it makes me focus less on the awful things–like my need to get my book proposal written despite a serious lack of time, or the fact that we may be living with my mom should ‘the state of public education’ continue to be ‘freaking scary’.  So…that’s good.  Right?

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