The Top 5 Most Educational Attractions in Walt Disney World–Pick #5

As I did my Disney World research, some truths became self-evident.  One main truth was that all Walt Disney World rides can be educational–yes, even Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (which, by the way, is one of my top five favorite rides in general).  Additionally, I came to realize that there are some WDW experiences that simply ARE educational–no extra help needed.

Thus, I bring to you my personal Top 5 List of The Most Educational Attractions in Walt Disney World.  I hope you are both surprised and delighted to find that there are attractions in each park that have made it into the top five.  Clearly, learning is not just for Epcot anymore!

#5 The Studio Backlot Tour, Hollywood Studios–

Did I do a good job surprising you with my first pick?  Yes, that’s right, there’s a lot to be learned at Hollywood Studios, the seeemingly-least-educational park of the four.  However, everywhere I looked I found lessons (yes, even on Tower of Terror!)  The one attraction that sticks out above the others is The Studio Backlot Tour, which I shall refer to as SBT from here on out because, well, it has a really long name.

So–what can you learn about on SBT?  Let’s start with physics, taught in the most entertaining way possible–through the use of water cannons.  How about math associate with time, illustrated by blazing fire effects?  For middle grade students, vocabulary is on the schedule–learn the word ‘sequence’ and see the concept in action.  A chemistry lesson is up next, as you learn how it is possible to light water on fire.

I hope you are noticing how explosive these lessons really are!

Finally, the most important lesson of all is one not necessarily taught in a school course–though it really should be.  On SBT, students can learn about the point of all of this education.  Children (and adults) will learn about job opportunities in the film industry, from jobs as writers, producers and set designers, to careers in costuming, carpentry, art, engineering and even gardening.

Truly, The Studio Backlot Tour is an example of the best Disney has to offer the young suitcase scholar–and even the not-so-young among us.  After all, in this economy, it’s always good to have few skills–and a few career ideas–to add to your own personal list.

Plus–who’s not interested in learning how to fire water cannons?  I know I sure am!

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