Sky High

I’m glad we went to Europe last summer.  That’s right, I wrote it.  I’m glad.  Even given the often-awful experience we had.  Why?  Because we can never afford to go there again.

As today is Tuesday, I dutifully checked Kayak for flights, right at 3:00–supposedly the cheapest time to purchase a flight (at least according to the Wall Street Journal.)  A July/August flight from JFK to anywhere in Europe–I checked Munich, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and London–is cha-ching-ing in at $1200 per person or more.  Shortly after searching, internet Big Brother found me and emailed me a fare alert–PHL to LON for ‘only’ $1495!

Holy  crap.

Well, we sure are going to have one fun road trip this year!  I’m kind of excited, actually.  I’m sure Quebec is lovely in July.

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