What’s Up With Airfares?

Less than a month ago, I searched for flights from JFK to various European destinations.  The consensus on Kayak was that it would cost me a bit more than $800 to fly into either London, Amsterdam, or Munich.  We spent $714 last year, JFK to London.  A month ago, a flight on Air Berlin to Munich was $850.  I thought I’d wait a while for prices to come down.

In the last two weeks, that same flight–the EXACT same flight–has gone up to $1080.

I’m both sad and torn.  Do I continue to watch flights, hoping that they will come back down again–and then book the moment prices return to two-weeks-ago-rates?  Or do I resign myself to a summer road trip?  I do really want to check out Montreal.

For the record, flights to anywhere have gone up at least $200 per person since my last search.  I’m always keeping my options open, and as such I have a basis for comparison for many different destinations.  A flight to Vancouver that two weeks ago was under $500 is now over $700.  Philly to San Fran?  $600.  Seriously?

I am both very sad and very scared.  My ‘year ‘o travel’ may be very limited if this continues.

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