Dear Husband–Your ‘Option C’

This list is dedicated to my dear husband who, after being given two vacation destination options, asked if there was a third.  Sweetie, this list is for you.

In my life, I would like to…

2.  hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
3.  take a train from Toronto to Vancouver, stopping all along the way.
4.  drive the entirety of the Ring Road in Iceland.
5.  spend a month island hopping in Hawaii.
6.  rent a house in Napa or Sonoma county and visit wineries and redwood forests.
7.  take a river cruise from Amsterdam to Prague.
8.  experience the 35-Day Voyage of the Vikings cruise.
9.  return to the UK and do a multi-country self-driven tour, including England, Wales,    and Scotland.
10.  visit Bermuda.
11.  cruise from the east coast of the US to the west coast.
12.  Visit Australia and New Zealand.
13.  return to Vancouver and Amsterdam (accomplished by numbers 3 and 7).
14.  spend a week at an all-inclusive resort eating, drinking, and laying in the sun.

So dear–which one seems the most possible?  If you said ‘none of the above’, you win a gold star!

You’ll note that I’m missing a #1.  That’s the problem–my #1 birthday wish is in direct opposition to all of these travel dreams.  My number one travel dream is…

1.  Make travel and writing my career.

At this point, making number one happen might preclude any of the others from happening any time soon.  You see, in order for me to switch careers, I need a great deal of time and even more money, as ‘making it as a writer’ and ‘making the mortgage’ do not typically go together.  So you see, dear husband, your ‘option C’ just might be ‘stay home and tend the garden’.  And tend it well–because that may be the only food we can afford to eat all winter long!

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