Last Minute Holiday Travel Deals–Do They Exist?

There are nine work days until Christmas break.  And do you know what I want to do over Christmas break?  GO SOMEWHERE!

This should not come as a shock to anyone.

So I googled ‘last minute holiday travel deals’, and I had very little luck finding anything.  Boo.

My new theory is that it is not quite last minute enough.  You see, several years ago, my husband and I wanted to take a week long summer trip at the very last minute.  And had we possessed passports, we would have gone to Bermuda.  But we didn’t, so we ended up in Ocean City, MD–one of the top three places I’d never like to visit again (right under Paris–yes, that’s right, Paris is worse than Ocean City, MD!)  But we were searching only a few days in advance, and we were not looking at a holiday trip.  So my new plan is this–wait until Christmas eve, and then book the best darn trip ever.  To where, I have no idea, and how we are going to get there is beyond me–a Bermuda cruise would be great, but I don’t think they leave from New York in December.  Wish me luck!

If that plan does not work out, I’ve set aside a week in June for a last-minute trip.  We shall go to the nicest place we can get for the least amount of money.  And I don’t even care where it is–as long as it isn’t a beach in Maryland or the city of lights!  (though Amsterdam wouldn’t be a terrible place to revisit…)

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