Page Nine of Twenty-Eight

Yes, that’s right, the photo above actually is page nine of twenty-eight.  I’ve finished compiling my convention schedule, and after combining it with all of our travel and lodging information, the folder we will each be carrying with us will contain twenty-eight pages of information.  More than half of those pages are color coded, to maximize our convention experience.

The only leisure information included in said twenty-eight pages pertains to dinner reservations.  I will not be eating lunch very often, as convention days are extremely busy.  But I did include a daily note for the lunch-less days to ‘bring a granola bar’.

Exactly one week from right this very minute, we will be on the ground in Orlando, nerdy folders in had, ready for our second NCTE convention to commence.  I feel ready.

Now I just need to check the weather and pack the backpacks!

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