My Last Blog Post

This will be my last blog post until I return home.  Why?  This comment:

“For an English teacher, your spelling (i.e. cemetery not cemetary), vocabulary and use of punctuation is painful to read.”

Dear person who wrote that–f*ck you.  As I mentioned in my comment back, I’m ON VACATION.  Nothing I’ve written has been a great work of literary genius, and I’ve not proofread most of it because I’M ON F-ING VACATION and even doing this takes long enough.  So I will continue to write–because I must, it is what I do–I will just not post it.  Because aside from proofreading and editing, I also do not want to waste my time in Paris being pissed off at asshole comments.  Tracy out…

OH–and BY THE WAY–it should be ‘are painful to read’.  The three items you have issue with are THREE items, thus you need the plural form of to be.  How’s that for English teaching?

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