As of a few hours ago, I have decided to:

1.  Trust my husband.  He typically has good ideas. 

2.  Delete Barcelona from the itinerary.  This is already done–in full.  I was trying to put too many experiences into one trip, and after the first part of this trip, I’m pretty darn sure that I don’t need to find out if I like to travel in Europe alone.  I first need to find out HOW to travel in Europe. 

3.  Enjoy Paris.  Our apartment is awesome.  Great space, great location, very relaxing.  We shall walk the short distance to Notre Dame tomorrow morning whenever the hell we feel like it.  Which brings me to number four…

4.  Not set an alarm any more.  Vacations and alarms do not go together.

5.  Stop blogging, at least for tonight, right….now….

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