I Hate NY

As we only live a cheap, convenient, and less-than-two-hour bus ride from New York City, one may wonder why we don’t come to the city more often. After all, there are great restaurants, shows, shopping, and the husband’s friends. But there is one very good reason why we don’t come here more often–or ever, really. I hate New York.

People speak of what a great public transit system NYC has. Clearly, these people have never tried to use said system. Nor have they ever been on a different city’s public transport–Washington DC’s, for example. The DC metro goes everywhere, there are stations every few blocks, and it is clean and air conditioned. None of those things are true in NYC.

Today we arrived in the city an hour or so before lunch. We dropped our backpacks off at the hotel desk, and attempted to go uptown to the Natural History Museum. The Met is closed on Mondays, so we thought we’d check out the Natural History Museum before a long walk in the park. So my husband walked us to the Herald Square station, and we attempted to take the B train uptown. But there was no B train–it simply never came, and we stood there, underground, in the stifiling heat for 45 minutes. And then we left the station and took the cab we should have taken in the first place.

An hour and a half later, we arrived at the museum–which, of course, was under construction.

I’ve already informed the husband that if London sucks as much as New York, we are either taking lots of day trips, or having the shortest month-long trip ever. We may be back within the week.

And this is what really scares me. What if I hate London or Paris or Barcelona as much as I hate NYC? I was quite concerned about this, until I remembered how much I love DC. And Vancouver. Even Burlington. I really think it is just New York that I hate.

There are just way too many people and not enough toilets.

All of that being said, I had a really great night out for drinks and dinner with the husband’s friends. There’s a great little cafe-esque bar across the street from our hotel, and then we went to an even cuter and tastier restaurant right around the corner. Neither were under construction, and we didn’t need to take the subway, either.

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