Planning is Not a Bad Thing

My travel guide has been created, and my bag is almost packed.  Somewhere in the midst of Appendix II I realized–planning is not a bad thing.  If not for planning, we’d be walking to a Paris metro station at 5am on our way to Amsterdam, only to find that the Paris metro does not run at 5am.  We’d then try to find a cab–which would be very difficult to locate (again, it would be five in the morning) without the 24-7 phone number I’ve recorded (in my travel guide) for an English speaking taxi service (which we now will call 24 hours in advance to set up a pick-up time).

So you see, OCD is something that has survived survival of the fittest, and for very good reason.  A well planned trip–and a well planned life–does not just result in survival; planning allows a life to flourish.  Thus, really, OCD is a favorable trait.

Or at least that’s what I tell myself.  Three times in a row.

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