How to Blog Whilst on Vacation

I imagine that many people find travel blogging odd, as one assumes that when on vacation one has better things to do than write–especially when that writing is done with one’s thumbs–as this is being done right now. However, I feel I have truly mastered the art of time management, so my blogging does not cut into valuable vacation time in any way.

I have two main approaches to vacation writing, and they depend on my situation. If I am traveling alone–which I’ve not done since last summer but will soon be doing again in Spain, I write when I’m waiting for food to arrive at nice restaurants. I’ve long since given up feeling uncomfortable eating alone at sit-down restaurants, and writing gives me something to do other than fiddle with the breadsticks until my appetizer arrives.

But what to do when I’m on a trip with my husband–as I am now? That’s simple–I write when he is in the bathroom.

Guess where he is…right…now!

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