Why I Love Vegas–Part I

Many people wonder why I like Las Vegas so much. Hell–even I wonder sometimes–but never when I’m actually here. Now that I’m here again, I remember all if the old reasons, and come up with new ones daily (or hourly). Because I don’t have a lot of time to spend blogging whilst on this vacation (and because I’m writing this on my phone) I will have to write this in short segments. Today I give you reasons three…

1. Having a card you can use to charge things to your room–that works in half of the hotels on the Strip.

2. Being able to stop for a margarita in between happy hour and dinner. Or in between happy hour and a nap, and then again between the nap and dinner!

3. The restrooms everywhere. Correction–the really nice, well cleaned, marble tiled restrooms everywhere. Which come quite in handy after all of those Margaritas.

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