So today I was asked for my trip itinerary, and I referenced this blog as a place to find it…and then realized that the full itinerary does not exist on here–at least not in full.  So here’s The Itinerary for those of you interested…

Leave for Vegas on a Sunday.

Be in Vegas until the following Saturday.  Be generally lazy the entire time.  This includes sitting by the pool, going out for dinner, and seeing random shows that are on sale at the half priced ticket booth.

Be home for a week.

Leave for New York City on a Monday morning.

Go to the Met and/or do other random NYC things on Monday.

Have dinner with the husband’s friends on Monday night.

Sleep in NYC.

Spend Tuesday in NYC some more.  Contemplate Empire State Building.  Take cab to JFK before 3pm.

Fly out of JFK around 6-ish on Tuesday.

Arrive London by 8am London Time on Wednesday.

Spend one very jet-lagged day in London on Wednesday.

London Thursday.

Day trip to Bath and Stonehenge on Friday.

London Saturday and Sunday.

Monday morning–Eurostar to Paris.

Paris for a week.

Monday to Tuesday overnight trip to Amsterdam from Paris apartment.

Tuesday night–return to Paris apartment, one more week in Paris.

One week later–husband takes train back to London to fly home, wife takes plane to Barcelona for a week.

Barcelona for a week.

Fly back to London.

London for two more days.

Fly home.

Whew.  That’s one hell of an itinerary.  Glad I have all of the days leading up to this trip to relax.  Well…sort of.  If you consider getting ready for a trip of this magnitude–and an auxiliary trip to boot–‘relaxing’, then call me relaxed.  Because really, I am.  Quite relaxed, that is.  Though ask me how I feel when we return, and I’ll likely give you a different answer.

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