Back in Time

We’re leaving for Vegas on Sunday, and tonight I purchased tickets to the only show my husband wants to see (and he REALLY wants to see it–it was the entire impetus for our return to Vegas)–Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE.  I guess I’m excited about it.  But not really.

The first issue is that I’ve already been there–exactly one year ago, in fact.  And I hate hate hate people who go back to the same place year after year.  Yet that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Nevermind the fact that as I sat on the plane waiting to return home, I actually pressed my hand up against the glass and said a sad goodbye to the most fun city ever.  It is not the most cultural, not the most beautiful, but Vegas is definitely the most fun city I’ve ever visited.

Issue number two–since I’ve been crazy trip planning, I look at purchases in new ways.  For example, I am acutely aware that I just spent the equivalent of three nights in Spain on a two hour show in Vegas–and that was with a 25% off discount I found online (after a LOT of searching).  How oh how are we going to enjoy $90 per person tasting menus–like we did last summer–knowing that same amount of money would buy us a ticket from London to Edinburgh?

Actually, the question really is ‘how am I going to do that?’  Because the husband really could care less.

Which brings me to my final point–the effects of Vacation Brain.  But I think Vacation Brain deserves its own post, so I’ll leave that for next time.  Right now I must go to sleep, and dream of tuna poke in a delicate soy-sesame vinaigrette…that will cost as much as admission to the Louvre.

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