Things Yet To Be Done

I just learned an important lesson: travel planning and making dinner do not go together well.  Dazed, glossy eyed, and obsessed, I spent the last hour or so working on the first pages of my self-made guide book as my spaghetti sauce slowly simmered, then boiled, then reduced to a thick film burnt to the bottom of my sauce pot.  I’ve added water and crossed my fingers.

But my self-made guide book is going well–so far it has a mostly unfinished table of contents, one of three travel itineraries created (in table form), and a header and page numbers.  I’m hoping to keep it under 20 pages, as size and weight are an issue, but I figure I can just print it out in 8 point font.  I have good eyes.

The self-made guide book is only one item on my list of ‘Things Yet to be Done’–though it is probably the most time consuming (well, maybe not–see numbers five and six below.)   The list currently looks something like this:

1.  Finish reading all actual guide books.

2.  Upload iTunes to netbook.

3.  Learn to upload pics to netbook.

4.  Practice using netbook in general.

5.   Brush up on my French.  Note:  I likely need a bit more than a ‘brush up’, but it won’t be as time consuming as, say, number 6…

6.  Learn Spanish.

7.  Buy pants for husband. (I realize that this seems odd, but I refuse to wash jeans in a hotel sink, so the man needs some travel pants!)

8.  Comparison shop for memory cards.

9.   Make a ‘how to take care of our house, dogs, and garden’ guide.

10.  Complete self-made guide book and have it copied and bound.

That seems like a lot, but really the only scary ones are 5, 6, and 10.  And as of today, I still have 83 days left to accomplish all of it–minus that one week in Vegas that I keep forgetting about.  Oh–which means that I need to add…

11.  Plan the Vegas Trip.

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