Airfare Booked!

That was way more stressful than I thought it would be.  But we have airfare.  YAY!

Looking on Kayak last night, I found a random day in July where flights were $300 less than any other day; I looked again today, and the dates we needed were available for the same rate.  After lots and lots of REALLY SPEEDY thought and comparison and some shaking and freaking out, I booked two different flights–the same flight out but with two different return trips–on Aer Lingus for $695 per person round trip from JFK.  That is a savings of $600 from what I would have paid if I had booked before yesterday or if we wanted to fly out of Philly.

We will be leaving for London one day later than we wanted to leave, though to be fair, my leaving plans were a little insane–I was trying to get a flight out the evening of a day my husband has to work.  Bad idea.  With the new plan, he gets to come home from work, sleep in his own bed, and get up the next morning and take his time–our time–getting to the airport.

And the more I think about it, leaving from JFK instead of Philly seems like a better and better idea–it is impossible to get to Philly via public transportation, so someone would have to take us (or we’d spend more than the flight on three weeks worth of airport parking); there are buses running every 30 minutes from here to NYC, and some go directly to the airport.  Perfect.  I feel good about this, even though we’re technically losing a day in London.

Though it helps that I’m not actually losing a day in London, as I booked my flight back for two days later than my return from Barcelona, giving me an afternoon, evening, and full day and night to do whatever I want before I return home.  I really wanted to go to Bath, and I think that’s exactly what I will do.  But I will think on it for a while, lest I run out of things to plan.

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