Another One Bites the Dust

Screw it–I’m done doing research.  It only leads you to sites like THIS–more than the content of the blog, it is the comment section that really bothers me.  I will be posting a question on Rick Steves about ‘safety in Barcelona’–but this particular site makes it sound really, really really bad.  Oh and please please please click on the link ‘surefire way to avoid pickpockets’–warning, it is disturbing, but in the funniest of ways.

I’m sitting here looking at my Lonely Planet Barcelona and sighing.  And another one gone and another one gone…another one bites the dust.

And I didn’t even post a Barcelona picture as my wallpaper.  Sigh.

An immediate edit…

ARRRGH!  Yes, it seems I research too much.  Because no matter what I look for, I can find it.  For example, when I google ‘Barcelona Crime’, I get sites like the one linked above.  If I look on Rick Steves, I find thread like THIS ONE–which are very reassuring.  So screw it some more–I’m going.  I bet if I googled Vermont Crime I’d find some scary things, too.

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