Planning Ahead

I’ve spent the day researching and contemplating the Solo Tracy Trip–multiple snow days in a row have afforded me the time to do so.  And after thinking and researching and researching and thinking, I’ve come to a decision.  Great Britain it shall be.

While it makes the most sense to stick with the trip that not only is planned but also makes the most sense, both geographically and monetarily (as well as matrimonially and linguistically, as my husband is ok with it and I speak the language), there is one very good reason for foregoing Switzerland for a solo tour of England and Scotland: this is the kind of trip I likely won’t be able to take ever again.

For those of you who actually know me and will freak out about this next part–don’t worry, I’m most certainly NOT pregnant.  But some day I might be–or, more likely, we will adopt.  And when we have a child–however that happens–I would like that child to be able to travel.  And not just to the Jersey Shore.  I feel certain that I will find a way to make this happen (though, again, that might involve selling actual organs–or perhaps we could take the easy route and just win the lottery.) So I am forced to ask myself–would I take my future possible child to the Alps?  Would I show him or her The Sound of Music, and dance around with him or her in my living room in preparation for an Alpine adventure?  Absolutely.  Would bring him or her on an uber-budget tour of England and Scotland, stopping at every castle and cathedral and pub along the way?  Um…no.  No I would not.  This is not to say that children and castles and cathedrals do not mix (though the pub option is most certainly out)–I’d love for my future possible child to be able to appreciate these things.  But will he or she?  Probably not–at least not for many, many, MANY years.  And he or she does not even exist yet.  So to England I shall go, on the dream trip of every nerd, history buff, and English teacher–as I am all of those, I am sure I will have a wonderful time.

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