On My Own

I’ve been doing a lot of research for what I’m calling the ‘Tracy Extension Trip’–the days that I’m hoping to spend in Britain after the husband returns home.  But before I did this research, I did a lot of thinking and reflection.  Do I really want to travel on my own?  And the answer continues to be an overwhelming yes.

Many people–including my mom, whose comment can be viewed on my last post (hi mom!) think this is a bad idea.  But I know me–and I remember the person I used to be.  I rediscovered her last summer; it is only because of her rediscovery that this trip is even happening.  I visited her via yet another one of my own blogs–Blog on the Run–which I started as a means of documenting my last summer’s adventures–both of which were extensive, bold…and completely on my own.  And do you know what?  Not only did I have a fantastic time, but I appreciated Doug even more, both when I was gone as well as when I returned.

That being decided, I’m left to plan the solo portion of my trip.  I’ve been reading and googling like mad, looking up reasonable lodging in towns that are unreasonably priced during the times I’d like to visit, and I’ve found some fantastic options.  Several B&Bs have written back to my email inquiries (or enquiries, rather, if I’m driving on the left hand side), as well as extremely safe and affordable lodging at various universities throughout the UK.  For some reason that I do not understand, I’m drawn to Edinburgh, despite or, perhaps, because of the giant arts festival that will be taking place during the time I can visit.  In the past two days, I’ve spent the bulk of my researching time focused on this one city.  I don’t know what it is about Edinburgh–but I know I’d like to go there.  I’ve followed similar hunches in the past, and had life-altering experiences.  Here’s hoping this one will be life-altering for the better.

I could not be more excited.  Long live old me.

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