Midlife Crisis Much?

Today I was forced to really, truly see this trip for what it is–a full-on midlife crisis.  I mean, I knew that’s what it was from the beginning, but it really hit home today, standing in the sporting goods store, being asked by the little boy clerk what I was looking for.  A backpack.  To, uh, use as a, um, carry on.  More questions followed, and as I explained our trip, I felt stupider and stupider.

To be fair, on the midlife crisis stupid scale, this is definitely somewhere on the continuum between ‘body piercing’ and ‘sports car buying’.  And it is definitely nowhere near the neighborhood of ‘having an affair’–so at least that’s something.  Right?

Right.  Though to convince myself of that–when I just spent the afternoon, post backpack shopping, researching actual hostels for a possible post-husband-returning-to-work trip extension–is a bit difficult.

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