Big Brother’s Got Nothing on Google

The internet is an amazing thing.  As soon as you become obsessed with something, it notices.  Take, for example, my sudden overwhelming need to research anything and everything travel related.  Suddenly ads for British Air and backpacks show up in the sidebars of my Facebook page.  I get emails from REI and Travelocity and, most recently, Shoebuy.com, alerting me of a random sale on a pair of sandals that I’m ashamed to admit I just purchased.  Because they really WERE what I was looking for.  Exactly.  And they were 50% off.

I am counting on a similar message and/or sidebar add to provide me with a cheap flight.  Hell–if it can provide me with Doc Marten gladiator sandals for less than $40, it can provide me with a round-trip trans-Atlantic flight for less than $400.  Right?  Right.

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