The Time Machine

Just when I started thinking that I’d not been paying enough attention to the first city that prompted this blog–good old Las Vegas, Nevada–I received a call from Orbitz dot com.  It was an automated message, and I only caught the second half, but I did hear the words ‘Las Vegas’ and ‘change’.  So I checked my email, and sure enough, I had a message telling me that there was a ‘significant change’ to our itinerary.  We called the non-toll-free number to find out this: the flight times had been changed.  It seemed we were to fly out of Philadelphia at 6:30 pm to meet a connecting flight in Columbus, Ohio at 6:10 pm.  I’m not very good at math, but I’m PRETTY SURE that wouldn’t work out (I’m also 100% sure that there is no time difference from Philly to Columbus).  So my husband stayed on the phone with the Orbitz people for a VERY long time, only to find out that there was nothing they could do, as it is a weekend.  It seems they can alert us of a giant mistake on a weekend, but they cannot remedy it.  We will not be booking with Orbitz…ever again.  That is, unless they do something epic to fix this issue.  And I’m talking Lord of the Rings epic.  But we shall see.

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