Poor Me

So the trip has officially been shortened slightly, giving us extra time only at the beginning of our trip; originally we had a five to six day cushion at both ends.  But we’ve made some decisions based on this, and I think they are good decisions.  They are as follows:

1.  As we do not know what the airfare situation is, we need to have multiple plans.

1.1.  Multiple plan number one–Airfare dips down incredibly, we buy a cheap ticket to Paris, and we stay at the cheap rental in Florence.

1.2.  Multiple plan number two–Airfare does NOT change AT ALL, we buy an expensive ticket to Amsterdam on a large website with a hotel–in Amsterdam–included for the first part of the trip.

1.2.1. We stay in Amsterdam for four days, travel by train to Brussels, sight see for an afternoon, continue to Bruges, stay for a day and a night, and end up in Paris.

2.  If we don’t get to do Florence this trip (what I want), and as we will definitely not get to Prague this time around (what the husband wants), we will plan to return for at least the next two summers, one year doing Italy/Greece, and one year doing Eastern Europe.

3.  I am going to stop looking at airfare obsessively until at least the middle of March.  Note the addition of ‘obsessively’; I will still be looking, but not in an obsessive fashion, and I will not expect to find any amazing fares anytime soon.

I think this is all very good.  I plan to kill time between now and mid-March planning every detail of our two week stay in Paris, which, to be fair, would be a pretty amazing experience in and of itself.  And, of course, I’ll be consoling myself that on my way to Paris I only get to go to EITHER Amsterdam (and Belgium) OR Florence (and Tuscany).  Poor, poor me.

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