Italy in July?

I’m starting to rethink this whole plan.  I’ve read NOTHING but bad things about Florence (and all of Italy) in the summer (and I’ve read a LOT about Florence and Italy in the summer!), and we would be there during the worst part of summer.  Additionally, there is the whole airfare idea.  If we just flew into and out of Amsterdam, spent some time in Brussels or even Germany on the way to Paris and then a week or so in Amsterdam on the way back….that would be so much easier, and we could do it all by train.

Wow.  I cannot believe how complicated this whole planning process has become.  Though I suppose I could just say to hell with it all and just enjoy my two weeks in Paris.  But really–we all know that’s not going to happen!

I wonder how difficult it is to get from Amsterdam to Prague, back to Paris.  Hmmm.  Stay tuned.

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