I’m Just Saying Is All

Florence is becoming more and more expensive.  The cheap flights I originally found are fading into memory, and again I’m starting to worry.  I am 100% committed to recording every single aspect of trip planning on this blog, thus, it is important to note that once again, I am worried.

My husband told me ‘no’ last night for the first time (NO!  Not in THAT way!); I told him that for zero extra dollars we could fly into Amsterdam and stay there for a few days on the way back from Paris–the cost of staying included (we’d actually be ‘saving’ around $200, but most likely would spend that times two or three in the extra time away, what with eating and sightseeing).  He said NO! in a very rude way, that made me feel like booking it on the spot (which would have been a bad idea) just to spite him (which would have been a worse idea).  It seems he has some concerns about being away for an entire month.  I’m certain that this won’t be a problem, though he has less experience escaping life than do I.  I escaped life a lot in college.  It is unfortunate that is is cheaper to fly into and out of another city AND stay for four extra days–than it would be just to fly to Paris and back.  To be fair, there will be a a lot of traveling once we are in Europe, but isn’t that what ‘backpacking through Europe’ is all about?  I fear my husband didn’t sign up for that, though I’ve been pricing backpacks.

God bless him.  And, to be fair, he will have an amazing trip.  He just does not know it yet.

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