I just survived a (brief) one-on-one meeting with a literary advisor! Thank the gods, the hard part is over! I don’t think I could even have explained why I was so nervous, aside from my continued feeling of not knowing what the he’ll I’m doing. This feeling, by the way, has and continues to persist throughout the duration of this conference. And the meeting confirmed this feeling for me–fortunately or unfortunately I do not know. It is not a feeling, it is a fact.

But I came away from the short conference with a lot. I feel confident that with enough dedication and effort, it is possible that I may some day actually publish this memoir I’ve been working on. I have a better idea of how to go about this, knowledge that will not only help me better sell the book, but that first will help me finish and perfect it. I have a few contacts I can try. And, absolutely the most important thing, I learned more of what I didn’t know I didn’t know. Maybe that is the theme for this experience. It is much better than my original theme– the infamous ‘I suck’ Bread Loaf lesson.

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