Shared Housing Sucks

There is a reason I had my own apartment for the majority of college– all of it, minus ‘the lost semester’ at lock haven–I don’t share well. And last night I learned that I also don’t sleep well whilst sharing. I went to bed around 1 in the morning and gave up trying to sleep at 6:02. I definitely napped on and off during that time period, but was definitely awake more than I was asleep. I think this might be a major problem as the week progresses.

And to think I was worried about fitting in. I seem to never worry about the right things. It almost makes worrying at all seem kind of silly.

I’m off to the morning lecture. I have no idea what it is on, but a bell just rang so I have to walk toward it.

I’ll post some ‘the view from where I’m sitting’ pictures. The weather here is amazing. I can say this with much experience– as I laid awake last night for hours, all I could think was ‘damn this is annoying’ mixed with ‘gee that’s a pleasant breeze’.

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